Kent Pickup

We are a long standing and diverse group of newbies, veterans, even the occasional pro! All are welcome.
When do you play?

We generally play Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (but are open to Tues or Thurs too if you want to call a game!). Game play starts by 12:20 so get there earlier to set up and warm up.

How do I know if there will be a game?
Game is on if we have 8 players by 11:30 since some drive from farther away and need to know game status by then.
Where are the fields?
In the wet season we play at either Hogan Park in Kent or Valley Ridge Playfields in Seatac. In the drier months we play at Van Dorens Park in Kent.
What should I wear?
Items to bring: White shirt, dark shirt, cleats if you have them.